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Wherever you choose to build your career, studying in the UK is globally recognized, signifying high-quality education. Furthermore, it is renowned for contributing 14% of the world’s cited papers and 5% of global research. It welcomes Nepalese students to enhance their skills in the upcoming sessions in the UK 2024.

When are the Upcoming Sessions in UK for 2024?

Best universities and colleges in the UK provide the upcoming sessions in uk for 2024. It primarily emphasize two main intake sessions:

  1. September/October (Fall intake)
  2. January/February (Winter intake)

Occasionally, it offers a May intake for select courses. This is because the September/October and January/February intakes attract a substantial number of students planning to study abroad.

Therefore, the following is the general timeline for the UK intakes in 2024:

Autumn/Fall intakeSeptember to December
Spring intakeJanuary to April
Summer intakeApril to June

Which intake to opt for?

Picking the right time to enroll might be a bit confusing. So, think about things like whether your program is available, your grades, test scores, acceptance rates, job opportunities, and if you’re ready to start.

Additionally, for undergrad courses, UCAS (the UK Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) handles all applications.

First termAutumn TermLate Sep- Mid Dec
BreakChristmas holidays3-4 Weeks
Second termSpring termMid Jan- Late March
BreakEaster holidays3-4 Weeks
Third termSummer termLate April- Late June
BreakSummer HolidaysLate June- Late Sep

If you’re unsure about which enrollment period to choose and are planning to study in the UK soon, reach out to our TBG Nepal Education Consultancy experts. They’ll help you make the right decision.

Fall/ September Intake in the UK

The fall intake in the UK, typically occurring in September or October, additionally marks the universities’ most extensive effort to attract a substantial number of applications from international students.

Moreover, this intake is highly favored by scholars abroad, as it provides a broader range of options to pursue their desired courses in their dream universities. The application process for this intake usually begins in February and extends until May, allowing ample time for prospective students to apply.

List of Famous Universities for UK Fall Intake

Many prestigious universities in the UK provide both undergraduate and postgraduate programs as part of the UK Intake. Thus, examples of these universities include:

  1. Keele University
  2. University of Oxford
  3. Coventry University
  4. University of Leeds
  5. University of Surrey
  6. University of Derby
  7. Lancaster University
  8. University of Warwick
  9. University of Edinburgh
  10. University of Manchester
  11. University of Cambridge

Popular Courses for UK Fall Intake

In addition, let’s look at some popular courses in the UK Fall Intake:

CoursesAverage Tuition Fees
BSc in Computer ScienceINR 20,00,000- INR 30,00,000
BEng in EngineeringINR 27,00,000- INR 45,00,000
BA in Graphic DesignINR 16,00,000-INR 25,00,000
Full-time MBAINR 27,00,000- INR 38,00,000
MSc in Data ScienceINR 27,00,000-35,00,000
Note: These figures are approximate and fluctuate based on currency exchange and university.

Winter/ January Intake in the UK

The January intake, also known as the winter intake, stands as the second intake option in the UK academic calendar. Although universities offer applications for a limited number of courses during this session, some students and applicants favor it. Despite having fewer options compared to the September intake, the January intake holds appeal for certain individuals.

The application process for this intake typically commences around June of the preceding year and generally concludes by September.

List of Famous Universities for UK Winter Intake

Many universities offer opportunities for both winter and fall intakes. Additionally, beyond these, you have a wealth of options to consider. Thus, here is a list of UK universities that provide a January intake:

  1. University of East Anglia
  2. University of Leeds
  3. University of South Wales
  4. University of Lincoln
  5. Oxford Brooks University
  6. University of Sussex
  7. University of Bradford

Popular Courses for UK Winter Intake

The winter intake provides a variety of sought-after courses, particularly for students who may have missed the initial Fall intake application deadline. Additionally, it serves as a valuable alternative for those looking to pursue their academic goals.

CoursesAverage Tuition Fees
BA (Hons) in Business ManagementINR 14L to 40L
BA (Hons) Marketing ManagementINR 25L to 45L
MSc Marketing INR 19L to 30L
MSc Banking and Finance INR 32L to 45L
MSc Management INR 29 to 49L
Note: These figures are approximate and fluctuate based on currency exchange and university.

Spring/ Map Intake in the UK

The April/May intake is not the most favored term among UK universities. This is mainly because students typically plan their spring break during this period. Consequently, this creates a notably less competitive atmosphere for studying in the UK. Therefore, if you are commencing your higher education in the May intake, it’s advisable to submit your applications to universities by January or February.

List of Famous Universities for UK Spring Intake

Therefore, here is a list of UK universities offering a Spring intake:

  • University of Kent
  • Brunel University
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • Coventry University
  • Northumbria University
  • Salford University
  • Keele University

Popular Courses for UK Spring Intake

Here is a comprehensive list of the most popular courses for both Master’s and Bachelor’s programs during the spring upcoming sessions in the UK. Therefore, delve into the diverse options available for your academic journey.

CoursesAverage Tuition Fees
BA in PsychologyINR 29L to 40L
BA in Business ManagementINR 12L to 20L
BA (Hons) Marketing ManagementINR 15L to 20L
MA Criminology and SociologyINR 18L to 25L
Full-Time MBAINR 25L to 40L
Note: These figures are approximate and fluctuate based on currency exchange and university.

Documents required for admissions to UK universities

  1. Your completed application form
  2. Application fee
  3. 2-3 SOPs
  4. At Least 3 LORs
  5. Standardised test scores (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS)
  6. CV/resume
  7. High school or degree certificates

Pack these during your departure

  • Immigration documents
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • National identity proof

If you’re a Nepali student planning to study in the UK and need help with the application process, turn to TBG Nepal. Furthermore, as a best consultancy in Nepal for UK, we offer comprehensive support and information. Likewise, we ensure you have the necessary details about the upcoming sessions in UK in 2024 for Nepalese students. Our team of student visa experts provides reliable assistance with affordable processing fees, hence, guiding you through the application to UK universities with confidence.

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