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The USA, hosting the highest number of international students worldwide, is a prime destination for many nepalese students seeking higher education. Furthermore, numerous nepalese students are drawn to studying in the USA due to a unique curriculum, a multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities. Thus, explore this blog for comprehensive details on admission intakes in USA for Nepalese students.

When are the Upcoming Admission Intakes in USA for 2024?

Top universities and colleges in USA provide three opportunities for enrollment. Some institutions may also use the term “semester” to refer to these intakes. In the US, students have the flexibility to choose from three intakes for their academic entry, thus, allowing for a more adaptable and accommodating educational experience.

Therefore, the following is the general timeline for the USA intakes in 2024:

Intakes in USADurationApplications open
September Intake/Fall IntakeSeptember- DecemberNovember- May
January Intake/Spring IntakeJanuary- AprilJuly- December
May Intake/Summer IntakeMay-AugustJanuary- March

Which intake to opt for?

It can get a bit confusing to choose the intake that’s best for you. Therefore, consider factors like the availability of your preferred program, your academic records, entrance test scores, acceptance rates, job opportunities and your readiness to join the program whilst making a decision  .

Here’s an overview of the intakes and their duration in American universities and colleges:

Fall TermFrom August to December
Spring TermFrom January to April
Summer TermFrom May to August

Fall Intakes in the USA

Embarking on an educational journey in the United States? The Fall intake is a crucial period to consider. Moreover, renowned for its wide array of opportunities and vibrant campus life, the Fall intake is the primary admission period for most U.S. universities. This detailed analysis provides insights into why the Fall intake is a preferred choice for many students.

List of Top Universities in USA For Fall Intake

If you’re a Nepalese student seeking budget-friendly universities with in the USA, then here are some options worth considering:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Stanford University
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  4. University of California, Berkeley
  5. Yale University

Spring Intakes in the USA

Starting your educational adventure in the United States during the Spring intake is a thoughtful decision for numerous students. In this comprehensive examination, we aim to provide a closer look at the Spring intakes for 2024.

List of Top Universities in USA For Spring Intake

Furthermore, consider these options if you’re a student from Nepal seeking cost-effective universities in the USA.

  1. University of Texas at Austin
  2. Georgia Institute of Technology
  3. University of Florida
  4. University of Southern California
  5. New York University

Summer Intakes in the USA

Opting for the Summer intake offers a unique opportunity. Moreover, beyond the academic advantages, it allows for a smoother transition, cultural exploration, and access to exclusive courses and opportunities not available in other semesters. In essence, it’s a special moment to kickstart your U.S. education journey with added benefits.

List of Top Universities in USA For Summer Intake

If you’re from Nepal and on a budget, these universities in the United States could be suitable for your academic journey.

  1. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  2. New York University (NYU)
  3. University of Chicago
  4. Boston University
  5. University of Miami

Tests required for admissions to US universities

When seeking admission to a US university, it’s essential to undergo a series of tests that validate both your intellectual prowess and language proficiency. These assessments play a pivotal role in evaluating your academic capabilities, whether you’re applying for undergraduate or graduate programs. Transitioning to the specifics, examinations like the IELTS ensuring you can navigate coursework effectively.

For undergraduates, the SAT/ACT stands as a benchmark, delving into your academic aptitude at this level. On the graduate front, the GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT are key players, meticulously assessing your readiness for advanced academic pursuits. Therefore, approaching these tests with diligence is paramount. They serve as a gateway to unlocking opportunities for higher education in the United States.


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