Scholarship in Australia for Nepalese Students

Australia is a popular destination for education among Nepalese students, but the cost can be a burden for the average Nepali family. To help fulfill their educational aspirations, numerous scholarships are available specifically for Nepali students studying in Australia. This resource provides comprehensive information about scholarships for international students in Australia.

Types of Scholarship in Australia

Australia offers a diverse range of scholarships for international students pursuing higher education. These scholarships, provided by universities, government agencies, private foundations, and others, can be categorized as follows:

Academic Excellence Scholarships:

These awards recognize outstanding academic performance and can cover tuition and living expenses.

Merit-Based Scholarships:

These scholarships acknowledge exceptional talents in areas like sports, arts, music, or leadership, requiring evidence of achievements in the respective field.

Equity Scholarships:

Geared towards disadvantaged and underrepresented groups, these scholarships aim to promote equal educational opportunities.

International Scholarships:

Designed specifically for international students, these scholarships come in two forms: tuition reimbursement and living stipends.

Postgraduate Study Funding:

Students pursuing postgraduate degrees, particularly research-based programs, may receive scholarships to cover tuition and living expenses during their studies.

Government Scholarships:

Funded by the Australian government, these scholarships vary based on academic merit, financial need, or specific criteria set by authorities.

Community Scholarships:

Various organizations and foundations offer scholarships to local residents, supporting their pursuit of higher education and community development.

Scholarship NameDescription
Australia AwardsScholarships funded by the Australian government for Nepalese students at various study levels.
Endeavour Scholarships and FellowshipsInternational scholarships are offered by the Australian government for Nepalese students pursuing postgraduate programs
Macquarie University Nepal ScholarshipScholarship specifically for Nepalese students at Macquarie University, based on academic merit and financial need.
University of Adelaide Global Academic Excellence ScholarshipMerit-based scholarship for high-achieving international students, including Nepalese students.
The University of Sydney – International ScholarshipsScholarships are offered by the University of Sydney for international students, including Nepalese students.

Government-funded Australia Scholarships for International Students

Australia’s government offers several scholarship programs exclusively for international students to promote global education and cultural exchange. Here is a concise summary of some of these scholarships, presented in a table format

Name of ScholarshipDescriptionEligibilityAmount in AUD
Australia Awards ScholarshipsA prestigious program offers government-funded grants to aspiring leaders from select developing countries.Varies by country, generally for students from developing countries.Full tuition fees
Destination Australia ProgramFunds eligible tertiary education providers to offer scholarships to domestic and international students to study in regional Australia.Domestic and international students studying at a regional campus or remote areaUp to $15,000 per year
Australian Government Research Training ProgramAids research doctorate and master’s students, both domestic and international.Domestic and international students undertaking research doctorate and research masters level degrees$30,000

Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in Australia

Individuals aspiring to pursue an undergraduate degree in Australia have access to various scholarship options. Notably, universities like Carnegie Mellon University, Deakin University, Charles Darwin University, The University of Melbourne, Griffith University, Queensland University, and the University of Sydney offer scholarships. Additionally, the Australian government provides two programs: the Australia Awards and the Research Training Programme (RTP).

Australia Award:

The Australian government extends a scholarship initiative to students from various countries worldwide, known as ‘Australian Awards.’ These scholarships encompass tuition fees, living expenses, medical insurance, and more for recipients from the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa, and select parts of America.

Destiny Scholarship

Established by the Australian government, offers financial support to both local and international students studying in rural areas of the country, helping cover their living expenses during their university studies.

University-specific scholarships

Australian universities commonly offer scholarships to international undergraduate students based on factors like their academic achievements, financial circumstances, or nationality. Examples include the University of Melbourne’s International Undergraduate Scholarships, the University of Sydney’s International Scholarships, and Monash University’s International Merit Scholarships.

Master’s Scholarships to Study in Australia

Scholarships for international Master’s students in Australia include:

1. Australia Awards: Funded by DFAT.

2. Destination Australia: Supports study in regional Australia.

3. Research Training Programme (RTP): Aids research Master’s students.

4. Australian-American Fulbright Commission scholarships.

5. Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship.


MBA Scholarships to study in Australia

Australia offers numerous MBA scholarships for international students, making it an attractive destination for pursuing higher education. Here is a list of some notable MBA scholarships available:

  1. Global Curtin Scholarships
  2. Kraft Heinz Scholarship
  3. SEMBA Class of 2003 Scholarship
  4. ANU Research School of Management Master of Business Administration Scholarship
  5. Marsh And McLennan Women In Leadership MBA Scholarship
  6. Accelerated Full-Time MBA Scholarship
  7. MBA Scholarship For International Students, 2022
  8. University of Sydney: UN Women NC MBA Scholarships in Australia, 2022

PhD Scholarships to study in Australia

In the realm of PhD program scholarships, there are three prominent options accessible to both local and international students in Australia:

Australia Awards:

This is a prestigious and highly competitive program that provides government-funded scholarships to students hailing from select developing countries. These scholarships are awarded to individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and a strong commitment to driving positive change.

Destination Australia:

This initiative is backed by the Australian Government and supports eligible tertiary education institutions in offering scholarships to both domestic and international students, enabling them to pursue their studies in regional areas of Australia.

Australian Government Research Training Programme (RTP):

This program extends its support to domestic and international students pursuing research-based doctoral and master’s degrees. It plays a vital role in facilitating advanced research education in Australia.


How to Apply for Scholarships to Study in Australia?

The application process for scholarships to study in Australia varies depending on the scholarship programme and the university. In general, you will need to:

  1. Find a suitable scholarship using resources like Scholarship Portal or the Study in Australia website.
  2. Check and meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. Gather required documents (transcripts, recommendations, statement of purpose, etc.).
  4. Follow the provided instructions to submit your application before the deadline.
  5. Be prepared for interviews or additional assessments if required.
  6. If awarded, follow acceptance and enrollment procedures.

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