Australia stands out as one of the most attractive study-abroad destinations globally as it provides best universities and colleges in australia. What makes it so special? Well, among other things, it’s the chance for Nepalese students, to work part-time while pursuing their studies. This unique feature draws many students to study in Australia from Nepal. The benefits of studying abroad are numerous and impactful

Embarking on a higher education adventure is a big deal, and finding the perfect institution is like discovering the key to your academic success. Moreover, leading Australian universities offer Nepalese students the exciting prospect of joining programs that include paid internships and valuable work experience, allowing them to gain practical skills in their chosen field.

Upcoming Intakes in Australia for Nepalese Students

Australian educational institutions provide two primary intakes, with certain establishments offering an additional, less widely recognized intake. In certain universities, these intakes might also be termed as semesters or trimesters. The primary intakes, along with an additional summer intake, are the key intake periods available in Australia.

  • Semester 1 / T1:  Late February/early March to late May/early June
  • Semester 2 / T2: Late July/early August through to November
  • Semester 3 / T3: Late October / early November through to February

Which intake to opt for?

Choosing the right intake might be a bit tricky. Look at things like when your preferred program is offered, your grades, test scores, acceptance rates, job options, and your readiness to start the program. Most master’s programs start in February or July, but some, like Health and Nursing, begin only in February. Also, a few universities provide limited courses like Business and IT in November or the Summer intake.

Intakes in AustraliaTimelines
Semester1/ T1Late February/early March to late May/early June
Semester 2 / T2Late July/early August through to November
Semester 3 / T3Late October / early November through to February
*Deadlines vary basis institution and your program. Please contact us for more information.

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Top Universities in Australia for Nepalese Students

Before delving deeper, let us first take a quick glance at the popular universities in Australia for Nepalese Students based on QS World University Rankings 2024.

QS Ranking of Australian Universities
S.No.InstitutionQS Ranking 2023 (Globally)QS Ranking 2024 (Globally)
1The Australian National University (ANU)3430
2The University of Sydney1941
3The University of Melbourne1433
4The University of South Wales (UNSW Sydney)1945
5The University of Queensland4350
6Monash University4257
7The University of Western Australia7290
8The University of Adelaide89109
9University of Technology Sydney90137
10The University of Wollongong162185
Source: https://www.topuniversities.com/world-university-rankings

Top Colleges in Australia for Nepalese Students

Not only are Australian universities a hit with nepalese students, but colleges in Australia also attract students each year. These colleges are perfect for those looking to pursue professional certification courses or diploma programs in their chosen field.

Let us look at some of the most popular top Australian colleges below for nepalese students:

  1. Box Hill Institute of TAFE, situated in Melbourne
  2. Canberra Institute of Technology, situated in Canberra
  3. Edith Cowan College, situated in Perth
  4. Holmes Institute, situated in Brisbane
  5. International College of Management, situated in Sydney
  6. Martin College, situated in Sydney
  7. Melbourne Institute of Technology, situated in Melbourne
  8. Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, situated in Sydney
  9. Kangan Institute, situated in Melbourne
  10. Polytechnic West, situated in Perth

Eligibility Criteria for Top Universities in Australia

Nepali students can go to any Australian university they want if they meet certain conditions. To study for a bachelor’s degree in Australia, Nepali students need to fulfill the following visa requirements:

  1. Certificate of grade 12 with a minimum aggregate score of 60% or First Division
  2. A total of 6.0 in IELTS (international English language proficiency test) with an average of 5.5 in each band of the test

If you plan to pursue a postgraduate degree in Australia, the usual requirements might be a bit different. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree or Undergraduate course for 3-4 years (varies for different universities) in a relevant field of study with a minimum aggregate of 55%
  2. A total score of 6.5 in IELTS with 6.0 in each band

Documents Required from Nepalese Students for Admission into Australian Universities

When applying to the university of your choice, you’ll need to submit the following official documents along with your admission application:

  1. Academic/Provisional/Character Certificate starting from grade 10 up to the most recent academic qualification earned
  2. Statement of Purpose
  3. Certificate of IELTS
  4. Professional experience (if applicable and as asked by the university)
  5. Proof of funds
  6. Complete health check-up report
  7. Copy of the Overseas Student Health Cover

Also, explore the latest developments in the Australian education landscape with the New Visa Framework By Australian Government. Learn about key changes and how they might impact your academic journey.

Why Choose Universities in Australia?

Australian universities stand out not just for their quality education but also for attracting a significant number of students each year. There are compelling reasons why students prefer Australia for their studies, and here are a few:

Firstly, Australia’s commitment to maintaining high educational standards and a focus on excellent teaching has earned its institutions global recognition. Consequently, top-notch research facilities, effective training, and outstanding course content set Australian education apart.

Moreover, in Australia, the learn-and-earn mantra is real. International students can take up part-time jobs during their studies, providing a valuable opportunity to gain practical skills while supporting their education journey.

Beyond education, the land Down Under opens doors to promising job opportunities for its university graduates. Additionally, a degree from an Australian university holds weight worldwide, making you eligible for employment opportunities across the globe. In essence, choosing an Australian university isn’t just a choice for education; it’s a strategic move towards a globally recognized and versatile future.

Job Opportunities For Nepalese Students In Australia


Australia offers a part-time work permit for students throughout their studies, opening up various career opportunities for graduates. Once you finish your chosen course at an Australian university, you can enter the job market with an attractive salary. Additionally, Australia prioritizes work-life balance, making jobs there highly sought after.

After completing your studies, you can explore exciting career paths in Australia, including:

  1. Childcare services
  2. Retail positions at supermarkets and stores
  3. Elderly care
  4. Hospitality roles
  5. Teaching or tutoring
  6. Freelance writing

Graduate freshers in Australia earn an average salary of around AUD 73,500 per year, equivalent to approximately AUD 37.69 per hour. This means international students can potentially earn up to AUD 40 per hour while studying in Australia. Overall, the country’s job market is not only lucrative but also provides a balanced and fulfilling work-life experience.

Total Cost of Studying in Australia for Nepalese Students

Nepalese students should budget between AUD 20,000 to AUD 45,000 per year for Australian university fees, but keep in mind that costs vary by course and university. It’s a good idea to check the specific fees for your chosen course at the university you plan to attend.

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Scholarships to Study in Top Universities in Australia

Furthermore, are you worried about the financial aspect of studying abroad? However, Australia has your back with a variety of scholarships tailored for international students. Scholarships in Australia act as a key to unlock doors of opportunity,hence, making your educational aspirations more achievable.

So, explore new possibilities with our Scholarship Guidance services, designed to assist you in discovering and applying for the right scholarships that align with your academic goals, making education more accessible and affordable.


Now that you know about some of the top Universities and Colleges in Australia for nepalese students, are you thinking about studying there? If the complicated application process is holding you back, let the skilled team at TBG Nepal Education Consultancy help you.

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